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Pickney Inn




Charleston, SC



Design Team

Neil Stevenson Architects





The Andrew Pinckney inn, located on the corner of Church Street and Pinckney St.  in the Center of downtown Charleston at 40 Pinckney St., was in much need of a renovation and updating when they hired NSA.

The scope of work included the updating of the existing lobby, the 4-story atrium, conference center, all of the rooms and the design of a new rooftop terrace. The owners of the Inn had also purchased the property across the street where a delipidated old, decommissioned church,  had lost its steep pitched roof in a fire over100 years prior. This type of historic renovation requires a lot of care and attention.


The goal is to respect the historic structure while giving it a new life and new use. shoring up the old and carefully peeling away decades and centuries of poor renovations to reveal the original skeleton and design language of the building. then, working with the original window and door openings and materials, as much as possible, one can develop a new design, taking its cues from the past.


Then, working backwards by calculating the number of cars the lot could fit and how many parking spaces were required, we designed an addition to the historic building to balance the number of parking spaces with the number of rooms that the parking can serve. 

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